How do I create an account?

Signing up and creating a Learning MatchMaker account is totally free. After you sign up, please be sure to complete your profile. Details on editing your profile found here.

How to Host

It's completely free to create a listing on Learning MatchMaker. You can always change any of these details later. Your listing won't go live until you're completely ready, so go ahead and click 'Continue' to keep entering information.

Videos and Testimonials
Great videos and testimonials are the best way for customers to discover your listing. Learning MatchMaker lets you share 3 videos in your space.

Your profile is the place where customers get to know you. Upload a picture of yourself that shows off your professionalism.

Proposal Submission
Each proposal submitted will be stored in the Service to customers.

Reservation Request
You'll receive training requests in your Learning MatchMaker inbox, and you'll be notified of new requests via email. Each time a customer views your proposal, credits wil be deducted. The request will have all the details for the reservation.

It's completely free to list on Learning MatchMaker. We don't receive any money until you receive a booking. We take a 30% fee for each sale made from the customer which covers the cost of processing the transaction. Guests pay a fee of 6%-12% on top of the reservation, which lets us provide services like customer support and the Host Guarantee.

When a sale is accepted, we immediately charge the customer, but we hold on to the money until 24 hours after training date. Customer will pay you directly for the fees you are charging. We will bill you our fees after the training date.

How much should I charge for my listing?

The rates you decide are completely up to your company branding. To get an idea of market prices in your area, search for comparable listings in your state. We also have a tool that can estimate what your training,education and learning service is worth.

As a new host, you may want to charge lower than average rates to attract customers. Once you have a review or two, adjust your rates as needed.

Please remember, host service fees and service fees are calculated from sales subtotals.

Are there any restrictions on what can be listed?

Learning MatchMaker is a community marketplace for trainings, education and learning transactions to take place. We do believe to providing the best value to our customers, and if that is your purpose to, then we hope the following meets your criteria:

The listing is used solely for training, education and learning purposes.

What legal and regulatory issues should I consider before hosting on Learning MatchMaker?

When deciding whether to become a Learning MatchMaker host, it's important for you to understand how the laws work in your city.

Some cities have laws that restrict your ability to train, educate or offer learning services.

Please review your local laws mainly HRDF that you are a qualified trainer. By accepting our Terms of Service and activating a listing, you certify that you will follow your local laws and regulations.


How much does it cost?
Free to list. 20% of each accepted training, education or learning fees made by customer. Customer pay 6-12% of the training, education or learning fees.

Which customers are currently with Learning MatchMaker
MNC, GLC, Manufacturers

Why should I host?
To earn extra money, to brand your company to more customers and to share your local knowledge