About Us

Learning Wired is founded to revolutionize corporate learning for Asia Pacific learning organizations. We provide organizations platforms for matchmaking their employees learning needs to the right sources of deliverables. Our learning deliverables comes in the forms of matchmaking services, serious games, web projects and R&D deliverables which are new ways of developing employees. In summary, our matchmaking services are here to understand situations, project implications, and respond with new blended tools to have a new impact on shaping society through their ability to learn.

In our MatchMaking Services, finding and evaluating the right type of training consultants can be a daunting task. Our search services changes all that for you by quickly presenting a short list of credible training consultants, handpicked to meet your specific training needs. Learning Wired is here to create high impact learning organizations. Send us your In-House training request via e-mail at knowledge4u@learningwired.com or you can speak to our consultant at 03-23339233 today about how we can improve the learning solutions in your organization.

Benefits to you

- Gives you greater control in sourcing L&D solutions and services
- Helps you find the right specific needs
- Receive best fit training consultants offer, videos and articles for your ongoing information.
- Advertise your training needs and problems faced in your company through our online forum to be answered by our experts
- Save time, effort and money
- Its Absolutely FREE

How does it work

- Upon receipt of your In-house Request or Public Training Request, our Support Team will contact you to verify your request.
- Within 48 hours, you will receive 1 - 3 'best fit' tailored proposals recommended training consultants by us.
- Next, let us know who you would prefer and we will arrange the meeting with you and the selected training consultants.

Our Vendor Selection

Enquire and listen
We get thorough information about your business and people, Your training goals and desired outcome and Your Training Budget . Once the scope of the search has been set, we begin looking for training consultants specialized in the areas needed by our clients.

Perform a comprehensive market search
By this point, we have a very clear picture of the type of solution that will fit your requirements. Our search begins by turning to our network of credible training consultants. We will select from our deep pool of potential vendors a small number for further evaluation.

Prepare an RFI with your specific requirements
Next we write a Request for Information (RFI), which is a short description of your organization, your industry and your service requirements. Your identity, however, remains confidential. We then distribute this RFI to the list of vendors handpicked in Step 2. Our RFI streamlines the onerous Request for Proposal process, saving both you and the vendors’ considerable time and effort.